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Introducing the RLO 3v3 Series!

Over the past 3 months, RLO has been rebuilding the weekly 3v3 tournament from the ground up, with new goals and new aspects. The new development is mainly targeted towards promoting growth and stability through every team that competes in the weekly tournament. The system has a brand new structure, giving teams goals to strive for.

The new 3v3 Series has 3 new aspects.

  • Division Cuts and Structure.

  • Ratings and Rankings

  • Broadcasting and scheduling

Division Cuts and Structure.

Within the new system, the divisions have been split evenly with a thorough structure outlined in the rules (coming shortly). Division A will now stand as an exclusive invite only tournament, where only selected teams and players are permitted to play in Division A. In the first week, teams in Division A will be invited through their position on the power rankings. Following the first week, teams can work their way into Division A through strong performances in Division B. Teams will also be viable for relegation into lower divisions.

The teams invited to Division A are:

  • Alpha Sydney

  • JAM Gaming

  • Athletico

  • 1More

  • Legacy eSports

  • Corvidae

  • Scylla eSports

  • The Rejects

  • Masterminds

  • Trident Esports

  • Magnitude

  • Cl4rity

  • Feint

  • White Cloud

  • Trifector

Not only are the above teams permitted to play in Division A, but we will also be tracking individual players, allowing them to form pick-up teams if they wish. Pickup teams will not ocupy a position on the leader board unless they prove a consistent team.

These teams amount to a total of 15 teams invited to Division A week 1. The 16th spot in Division A will be filled by week 1’s winner of Division B.

Teams not invited to Division A, will be initially considered Division B teams. The first week of Division B will stand as a grading tournament. Teams who do not qualify for playoffs in Division B week 1, will be Directly Relegated to Division C, and the winner of Division B week 1 will be directly promoted to Division A. This is the only week that this promotion/relegations standards will be put in place. Following week 1, the competition and divisional splits will continue as outlined in the rules.

Sign up for this weeks Division A and grading tournament here:

See ranks and divisions here:

Rating and Rankings

From every team's first participation, they will receive a rating calculated by their recent performances. Ratings are directly tied to the relegation and promotion system, where teams in lower divisions will need to reach a specific rating in order to be promoted into further divisions. In order for teams to be demoted into lower divisions, they would need to be the lowest rated team in that resective division. The rating system does not heavily punish lack of attendance, however if teams are absent for an extended period of time, teams will have their respective rating diminished over time.

These ratings also determine each teams seed in every tournament moving forward.

Broadcasting and Scheduling

In addition to the above changes, the 3v3 series tournaments will feature a new schedule for every sunday. The schedule changes are mainly put in place so that all divisions receive a portion of broadcasting, thus minor teams will be broadcasted and have their story told as they climb through the ranks. The schedule has also been changed so that as the division gets higher, the format becomes more and more elite, featuring best of 5 and 7 matches where necessary.

You can watch all the tournaments from here:

The timed schedule is as follows (Times in AEDT):

1:00PM: Division C Starts

2:30PM: Division B Starts

3:00PM: Broadcast Starts with Division C Semi-Final and Grand-Final

4:30PM: Broadcast Shifts to Division B Playoffs

4:45PM: Division A Starts

6:15PM: Broadcast shifts to Division A Playoffs Formats are as follows:

Division C:

  • Group Stage - Groups of 3 or 4 team round robin - Best of 3 games - Top 2 per group advance

  • Playoffs - Single Elim Best of 3 games

  • Grand Final - Best of 5 game.

Division B:

  • Group Stage - Groups of 3 or 4 team round robin - Best of 3 games - Top 2 per group advance

  • Playoffs - Single Elim Best of 3 games

  • Grand Final - Best of 5 game.

Division A:

  • Group Stage - Groups of 3 or 4 team round robin - Best of 3 games - Top 2 per group advance

  • Playoffs - Single Elim Best of 5 games

  • Grand Final - Best of 7 game

Week 1 Notes:

Week 1 will not feature Division C.

Week 1 is split into two divisions

  • Division A consisting of the invited teams, starting at 4:45PM AEDT

  • Division B Grading Tournament, starting at 2:30PM AEDT

Division A week one will hold an extended prize pool of $45 AUD

We hope you enjoy playing in this newly designed competition. Stay tuned for further developments for the competition, as we will continually be aiming to expand the tournament, it’s concepts and incentives.

Yours sincerely,

Benjamin ‘Dover ‘O’Connor

Co-Founder and Lead Director of Rocket League Oceania


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