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On the 25th of April 1915, Australian and New Zealand soldiers landed on the beach of Gallipoli to fight for their country in the first world war. These became known as ANZAC’s, a name that carries great pride to this day. The 25th of April was then known as ANZAC Day, where Australia and New Zealand stop to remember the brave men and women, who gave the ultimate sacrifice at war. On this day, we remember their hardship, their loss and their sacrifice, for we are given our liberties and way of life, thanks to them. This coming ANZAC Day, RL Oceania invites the community to join us in our celebratory tournament, the ANZAC Invitational. We’re lining up two days of rocket powered action over the ANZAC Day weekend. We’ve invited four of the best Rocket League teams from Oceania, to take on four teams who advance from an open qualifier. You can find more info on the tournament along with where to register on our website. Furthermore, be sure to catch all the action from both days of competition on our primary and secondary twitch channels.

Please note that this event is not to be mistaken for any form of state of origin event, this event is open to all teams and players from Oceania who wish to compete. We look forward to seeing you on the pitch, this coming ANZAC Day!


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