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Dear All,

Following the announcement made by LPL and Psyonix this morning regarding the disciplinary action issued to Frenzyy and Delusion for the events on the 5th of April, during their RLCS Season 9 League Play match against Fury, RL Oceania has come to a decision to follow suit in the aforementioned disciplinary action. The offending players, Delusion and Frenzyy, are now prohibited from competing in all RL Oceania events until the 7th of April, 2021. This decision does not come lightly, however their actions do not fall in line with the behavior we aim to encourage writhin our community. Competitive integrity and fairness is of utmost importance, thus we deem these actions necessary in order to maintain a healthy competitive experience within all of our events. In conclusion, we do not condone or approve of such actions in our esport and in our region. Furthermore , we fully support the decision that was made by both LPL and Psyonix regarding this issue. - RLOceania


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