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The OCE Power Rankings - 11/09 - 17/09

These Power Rankings are done by a committee of 4 people consisting of:


Shoutcaster & streamer with extensive knowledge of the Rocket League scene in Oceania.


Analyst and commentator for AussieGamingTV.


Colour Caster and Analyst for ThrowdownTV.


Director of Public Relations for Rocket League Oceania and budding global Twitch mod.

Weekly Round Up

There is a plethora of Rocket League going on right now in Oceania, with Throwdown S4 league play underway, ESL announcing their third season of the AU&NZ Championship, and Vapour Nordic League underway in support of the region’s bubble teams. We also just saw the finals of MCS where Chiefs ESC once again took out the top spot, leaving JAM Gaming and Pale Horse eSports with that déjà vu feeling with similar results to the most recent ESL LAN finals.

Tournament Results


1. Chiefs ESC

2. (Curto, Walcott, Spiral)

3/4. To Be Decided

3/4. Deft

MCS Finals

1. Chiefs ESC

2. JAM Gaming

3. Pale Horse eSports

4. Avant Gaming

Vapour Nordic League Wk 1

Rounds 1 through 4.

ESL AU&NZ S3 Open Qualifier 1


Conspiracy Esports Feint Legacy eSports

Scylla Esports

Noizee Isn’t Toxic

Cervum Esports

Square One

Pickup haHAA Throwdown League Play Wk 1

Chiefs ESC 3 - 1 Pale Horse eSports

Chiefs ESC 3 - 2 Avant Gaming

Avant Gaming 3 - 1 Scylla Esports

Scylla Esports 3 - 2 Legacy eSports

Legacy eSports 3 - 0 Noizee Isn’t Toxic

JAM Gaming 3 - 0 Conspiracy Esports RLO

1. Cl4rity ESC

2. Extricity

3/4. Ironic

3/4. Tahit Pink

Team News

* SnarfSnarf changes name to Kira

* Extricity add Golde and Beezo while DMan and Macca step down.


1 - Chiefs ESC

Drippay, Torsos, Jake, ENiGMA | + 2

The lan-bois are now online-bois once again having taken out the MCS finals this week. Despite a relentless assault from Pale Horse in the semi-final, they managed it with two relatively comfortable victories over JAM Gaming. On top of that they’ve had a flawless week this week, making it through all their match days undefeated. Could this be the return of this team’s dominance over the scene? Or will their closest contenders in recent times Pale Horse and JAM have something to say about it? - n0lsk1

2 - JAM Gaming

shadey, MontyConnor, Express | - 1

JAM gaming is currently sitting in a precarious position this month. They’ve been relegated to rank 2 after two consecutive losses against Chiefs in the MCS finals but managed to avoid dropping further by taking out Pale Horse 4-2 in the same tournament. However it was their match against Conspiracy Esports that has me quietly concerned. Although they managed a 3-0 win, every game was a close 2-1 and on a slightly different day we could have seen a very different result. Maybe it’s just a poor stylistic match-up, as conspiracy has beaten them before, and not an indication of what's to come. - Courier

3 - Pale Horse eSports

Kamii, Kia, CJCJ, Julz, xkorez | - 2

In the week off since the last power rankings were released, Pale Horse have suffered some disappointing results, including losses to both JAM and Chiefs in MCS as well as a sad loss yet again to Chiefs for Throwdown League Play. Overall these boys are still a very strong team and it was difficult to draw the line between them and JAM, but the single loss lead to Pale Horse placing ever so slightly lower. Assuming they keep up with their practice and get some more strong results against both Chiefs and JAM we could easily see them jump right back into second or even first spot. - Nutterres

4 - Avant Gaming

Cyrix, ellusive, Siki, Requiem | Nil movement

Avant has continued to lockdown their stranglehold of rank 4 this week with two interesting showings. At MCS; they had two solid defeats at Pale Horse (1-3) and JAM Gaming (3-0), which is enough to take them out of the running for a top 3 finish. At Throwdown’s League Play; they managed to take Chiefs to a 2-3 and take out Scylla 3-1. Interestingly, every game they won, they did 1 by a point and every game they lost, they got rolled. Maybe Avant need to work on playing from behind and the mental game going forward? - Courier

5 - Scylla Esports

Dumbo, Kira, Addzey, aoe_emp, Daisu | + 1

Squid Squad have managed to jump up one spot on the rankings this week with an easy qualification to the ESL Invitational but a poor loss to Avant Gaming in the first week of Throwdown League play. The shining light for Scylla however would be a game 5 victory against Legacy Esports, with some strong performances coming out from the core. Now that they’ve had some time to work together and try create more synergy, it looks like they may be on the rise but they’ll need some strong performances and a couple of good results over the coming weeks to prove that fact. - Nutterres

6 - Legacy eSports

Soma, Plitz, ZeN | - 1

Legacy have had what could easily be considered a poor few