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Conspiracy Esports' Walcott - A Rookie to Look Out For

Walcott started his Rocket League career during its free period on PS4 all the way back in 2015, not long after the game’s release. He later switched to the PC platform to be able to play with friends that had switched from PS4 to PC.

Walcott says he never planned on taking the game as seriously as he does now, and that he only saw his potential as a pro player around 6 months ago when competitive season 3 ended/season 4 started. He began to be matched regularly in ranked games against professionals such as Dumbo and SnarfSnarf and found that he could actually compete with them. Walcott originally only played 2v2, as he says it was the best way to find a game quickly, and he didn’t know enough Rocket League players to party up with for 3v3. Currently finishing Season 5 sitting at Grand Champion rank in the 1’s, 2’s and 3’s playlist, Walcott’s talent and mechanical ability is unquestionable.

Conspiracy eSports is the first competitive team that Walcott has played for. He joined the squad after filling in as a third player for HecticCrunt and SlurpeeMonster during an ESL Weekly tournament. After losing in the semi-finals, the two asked Walcott to form a team with them.

During the recent Throwdown OCE Championship Top 16 Qualifier, Walcott exploded onto the pitch, acting as the team’s lead goal scorer. During the lower bracket best of 5 series against Vinyl Room, Walcott scored 9 goals over the four games, helping to lead his team to victory and to League Play.

Although a new face to the scene, Walcott has already proven his place amongst the other professionals in the region. An exciting player to watch, and one to definitely keep an eye on during the 5 weeks of Throwdown League Play.

Follow him over on @WalcottsPace

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