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The OCE Power Rankings - 25/05 - 31/05

These Power Rankings are done by a committee of 4 people consisting of:


Shoutcaster with extensive knowledge of the OCE Scene.


Analyst and commentator for AussieGamingTV.


Community Coordinator/Analyst for Throwdown Esports and Rocket League addict.


Director of Public Relations for Rocket League Oceania and budding global Twitch mod.

Weekly Round Up

It’s RLCS time! Alpha Sydney and JAM Gaming are both representing Oceania in Los Angeles! For the sake of spoilers I won’t give away the results; I’d highly suggest to watch the VOD on Rocket League’s Twitch channel. Also representing Oceania on the world stage is our very own yumi_cheeseman, which is the reason he was unavailable to partake in the rankings this week. With 1More disbanding and Legacy eSports taking a break to renew their roster, there is a mid-table power vacuum in the top 10 of the Power Rankings. It will take some time to balance out yet, for now however it has given an extra incentive for the bubble teams to battle it out for those vacant spots.

Tournament Results

Pale Horse Alpha Cup

1. Corvidae

2. Masterminds

3/4. Deus Inferos

3/4. Scylla Esports

Vapour Masters

1. Alpha Sydney

2. The Drongos

3/4. Corvidae

3/4. JAM Gaming

ESL Go4RocketLeague

1. JAM Gaming

2. Corvidae

3/4. Scylla Esports

3/4. (Dicky, Dumbo, Stoney)


1. Scylla Esports

2. Deus Inferos

3/4. R!OT Gaming

3/4. Never Lucky 2KF1

1. Surge ESC Black*

2. Pale Horse: Shire

3/4. Trinity

3/4. Never Lucky * Roster changes between Surge ESC Black and SSU eSports happened mid-week and it was with the new SSU eSports roster that they won 2KF1. For the sake of continuity they have been recorded here as Surge ESC Black.

Team News

* SSU eSports releases ZeN, Noizee, Stoney and Chai. ObeBluee remains.

* Surge ESC Black disbands.

* Sammy and Blu3y from ex-Surge ESC Black join ObeBluee at SSU eSports. Untouchable_Gilly joins as a substitute. These changes will be reflected in next week’s rankings. * Alacrity officially disbands. * PanzerShrek leaves Scylla Esports.


1 - Alpha Sydney

Drippay, Torsos, Jake, ENiGMA | Nil movement

Alpha Sydney got to LA early in their preparations for their first RLCS match against NA’s 4th seeded team in Denial. They have been skirmishing against the best the world has to offer and hopefully it pays off when it comes to game time. They have been the undisputed PR number 1 for months now and are likely OCE’s best chance of a series win at the RLCS. The question will be how far can they go? - Tibore

2 - JAM Gaming

MontyConnor, Bango, Express | Nil movement

These boys will be aiming to show OCE off to the world, hopefully starting with a bang against Northern Gaming early this Saturday morning. A good start could see these boys bring home a nice prize from the RLCS Lan but will their results be good enough? If they’re able to finish ahead of Alpha Sydney, we could easily see them top these rankings yet again. - Nutterres

3 - Sand Castle

Dumbo, Aoe_emp, SnarfSnarf, Kia | Nil movement

Sand Castle remain in third spot, just as the top 4 has avoided movement over the last week. That being said, it’s still an extremely tight affair within the top 4, results swinging every which way, but these boys are still able to hold their place. Unlucky not to be the team at RLCS, they’ll most likely already be planning for the next season in the hopes of taking one of OCE’s top spots. Just how well the two teams above them do at the LAN could well and truly decide if there will be any movement in these top teams. - Nutterres

4 - Corvidae

Siki, Daze, Plitz, SSteve | Nil movement

With Alpha Sydney and JAM in LA for RLCS and Sand Castle on an understandable hangover from Throwdown Corvidae are currently the team to beat in OCE tournaments. Corvidae made it to the final of the ESL Go4RL using their sub SSteve however faced up against JAM in their last tournament before heading to LA and fell just short of the win. They took out The Pale Horse and in Vapor had their only hiccup of the week against the Drongos losing in the semi final 0-3. - Tibore

5 - Masterminds

Kamii, Lukorice, Requiem, Greeny | + 2

There are a lot of teams bouncing up 1 or 2 places this PR due to 1More being NoMore and we all wait in anticipation for Legacy to confirm their new lineup. That being said this new look Masterminds team is scary and look good in 5th place for this PR. Lukorice brings with him a wealth of skill and experience and when thrown into the arena with Greeny his old Erase team mate they are capable of amazing things. They won ESL Go4RL last week against Scylla and have only lost to JAM or Corvidae over the last 2 weeks. I am expecting this Masterminds Lineup to be stronger than the steady 7th to 8th team over the previous leagues. - Tibore

6 - The Drongos

Dreameh, CJCJ, Julz | + 2

Hitting up the Power Rankings into 6th place, but more likely to the loss of Legacy and 1More, these boys will be aiming for the top and hoping to have some good results whilst Alpha Sydney and JAM are away at LAN. Having recently lost Madz from the squad, you have to wonder if these 3 players alone will be able to spread themselves across enough tournaments, or whether they’ll need a sub to help them keep rising up. Whatever the story is, this team has some great potential. - Nutterres