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The OCE Power Rankings - 27/04 - 03/05

These Power Rankings are done by a committee of 4 people consisting of:

Shoutcaster with extensive knowledge of the OCE Scene.

Analyst and commentator for AussieGamingTV.

Community Coordinator/Analyst for Throwdown Esports and Rocket League addict.

Director of Public Relations for Rocket League Oceania and budding global Twitch mod.

Weekly Round Up

A relatively quiet week for the top teams in the lead up to the ESL AU&NZ Championship LAN Finals; with some preoccupied with travel, and others taking the opportunity to have a break. It’s been advantageous for the bubble teams having been given the chance to progress further in tournaments where perhaps they otherwise could not, which is great for their confidence and experience.

Tournament Results

1. Trident Esports

2. SSU eSports

3/4. Corvidae

3/4. Sand Castle

1. Sand Castle

2. SSU eSports

3/4. R!OT Gaming

3/4. Alacrity

1. (Torsos, ENiGMA, Ellusive)

2. Trident Esports

3/4. Rumpus Room Wizards

3/4. 1More

1. Deus Inferos


3/4. Pale Horse - Colts

3/4. After Image

News from around the region

* 2KF1 Gaming returns as Craze, Spookas, ExJay core, with Muffin and Peanut as substitutes.


1 - Alpha Sydney

Drippay, Torsos, Jake, ENiGMA | Nil movement

Whilst Alpha Sydney have not played this week, most likely in preparation for their ESL Champs finals over at IEM Sydney this weekend, they’re still without doubt the best team in Oceania right now and will be guaranteeing us some thrilling games come Saturday. These boys will be looking to head home as the official champions this weekend and I have no doubt they will, but which teams will stand in their way? - Nutterres

2 - Sand Castle

Dumbo, Aoe_emp, SnarfSnarf, Kia | Nil movement

Continuing the grind despite the absence of the other top teams, Sand Castle showing they’re still susceptible to slip-ups with a semi-final loss to SSU eSports in the Friday Night Live Masters. It wasn’t long however before they took their revenge in the ESL Go4RocketLeague weekly, with a comfortable 4-1 victory against their Friday night antagonists. Leading up to the Throwdown S2 LAN however they’ll need to work on their inconsistencies if they’re going to take a run at the favourites in Alpha Sydney. - n0lsk1

3 - JAM Gaming

MontyConnor, Bango, Express | - 1

Nowhere to be found in this week’s competitions, understandably taking a short competitive break after taking the second seed for the upcoming Throwdown LAN. Choosing to focus internally as well on scrims to get them as battle-ready as possible to take one of the two RLCS qualification spots. - n0lsk1

4 - 1More

Cyrix, Shadey, Ellusive, Zest | Nil movement

Having only played one tournament this week, including the use of a sub, you’d think that 1More have a lot to look forward to this weekend. Good strong games could easily lead to them getting their revenge against Legacy and even better would be taking out Alpha Sydney. The only team I feel may pose an undue threat to them could be Corvidae but we won’t know until the games have been played out on Saturday. - Nutterres

5 - Corvidae

Siki, Daze, Plitz, SSteve | Nil movement

Corvidae have had a quiet week, with an odd loss to Trident in a best of 3, but have much more to look forward to with the AU&NZ Champs at IEM Sydney this Saturday. A good strong performance could see them jump up from 5th place next week and will definitely help them once new seasons start up. - Nutterres

6 - Legacy eSports

Soma, Eren, GroovyGrape, Penor | Nil movement

Legacy haven’t stirred recently, missing out on moving for a couple of weeks. No games played this week with the finals of the ESL AUNZ Champs to look forward to at IEM Sydney. Can Legacy get a leg up over Corvidae and keep 1More needing 1More again? A good tournament could easily see them move up the rankings but until then they still sit in sixth. - Nutterres

7 - Trident Esports

Dreameh, CJCJ, Julz, Madz, SToRMCLoRD | Nil movement

Trident have had a good week, with constant wins and a close second place finish in RLO, they still sit in 7th place. It’s going to take some high profile wins to move them up much further but they’re already on a roll along with SSU to start moving Scylla and Masterminds out of the top 10. Beating the top 6 teams will be at the top of their agenda and what better way to force themselves up the ranks. - Nutterres

8 - SSU eSports

ObeBluee, ZeN, Noizee, Stoney, Chai | + 2

SSU had a very strong week including a nice 2-1 win over Sand Castle in the FNL Masters Best of 3, finishing second only to Trident with a 3-1 loss. Sadly for them a couple of days later they had it handed to them by Sand Castle in the ESL Weekly leading to them finishing second yet again. SSU are a strong team but need to make sure their core plays at their prime for a lot longer to guarantee some moves up the ranks. - Nutterres

9 - Scylla Esports

C.J.M, Daisu, Luis, PanzerShrek, Outlast | - 1

Another team that’s MIA after missing out on qualifying for the Throwdown LAN later this month. Opting for a break as well, it’s arguably a questionable decision as they’re a relatively new line up and it’s periods like these where getting on the grind can be most beneficial. With teams like Trident and SSU improving week after week it may be that Scylla will lose their footing on their mid-table efforts. - n0lsk1

10 - Masterminds

Kamii, Nerd, Requiem, Seniaz | - 1

Dropping to the bottom of the power rankings for the first time recently, they need to start playing and winning more games to guarantee themselves a move up the ranks. The key will be taking out SSU and Trident in an attempt to guarantee themselves the easy movement, but initially their biggest enemy will be Scylla. Not a lot to look forward to but still need to get some games under their belts. - Nutterres

Teams to watch:

Nutterres: Paw Patrol

Tibore: Trident Esports

yumi_cheeseman: SSU Esports

n0lsk1: SSU eSports

Here's how the committee ranked the top 15:

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