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The OCE Power Rankings - 20/04 - 26/04

These Power Rankings are done by a committee of 4 people consisting of:

Shoutcaster with extensive knowledge of the OCE Scene.

Analyst and commentator for AussieGamingTV.

Community Coordinator/Analyst for Throwdown Esports and Rocket League addict.

Director of Public Relations for Rocket League Oceania and budding Twitch global mod.

Weekly Round Up

Alpha Sydney bounced back after a week to forget, taking out the FireCuda Cup without losing a single game. It was Legacy eSports’ turn to have a forgettable week, failing to make the Throwdown LAN Finals as well as a poor performance in the FireCuda Cup Finals. Corvidae showing up in full force this week, putting on a great show in the last week of Throwdown League play, as well as coming second behind Alpha Sydney in the FireCuda cup. The online finals served as great preview for the ESL AU&NZ Championship LAN Finals next week where 1More will meet the above 3 teams at IEM Sydney. Throwdown League play was also finalised this week, with Alpha Sydney, JAM Gaming, Sand Castle and 1More qualifying for the LAN.

Tournament Results

1. Sand Castle

2. SSU eSports

3/4. R!OT Gaming

3/4. Alacrity

TRLOC League Play 4

1More 3 - 2 Legacy eSports

Alpha Sydney 3 - 0 Legacy eSports

Alpha Sydney 3 - 0 JAM Gaming

Corvidae 3 - 2 JAM Gaming¹

Corvidae 3 - 0 Masterminds¹

Scylla Esports 3 - 1 Masterminds

Scylla Esports 1 - 3 Sand Castle

1. SSU eSports

2. 1More

3/4. (Shadey, Zest, Mabu)

3/4. Rumpus Room Wizards

1. Bulletproof

2. Surge eSports

3/4. Beezo & Friends

3/4. AfterMind ESL Monthly

1. JAM Gaming

2. Trident Esports

3. Alpha Sydney

4. Legacy eSports FireCuda Cup Finals

1. Alpha Sydney

2. Corvidae

3. 1More

4. Legacy eSports

News from around the region

* B Team are now represented by SSU eSports.

* Stoney joins SSU eSports as substitute.


1 - Alpha Sydney

Drippay, Torsos, Jake, ENiGMA | Nil movement

With their winning streak ending last week, Alpha Sydney had to prove once again why they’re the top team in OCE. They bounced back for the final week of Throwdown League Play to secure themselves as number 1 seed for the LAN in May. They can also boast winning the FireCuda Cup this week, having done so without dropping a game. The only blemishes come from a close defeat to JAM Gaming and an unprecedented loss to Trident Esports in the ESL Monthly finals. I would cut them some slack however as Trident were on an absolute tear in that tournament. - n0lsk1

2 (tied) - Sand Castle

Dumbo, Aoe_emp, SnarfSnarf, Kia | Nil movement

The PR panel are exactly stuck on Sand Castle and JAM Gaming at the moment, having trouble picking one over the other definitively. Right now it’s on a knife edge between who is the more consistent team. Sand Castle however have done their best this week to show why they deserve to be outright second, with a flawless run in the ESL Go4RocketLeague weekly and qualifying for the Throwdown LAN Finals. Next week may be telling for the two teams, with neither of them making the finals at IEM Sydney, chances of them meeting each other in an online match are high. - n0lsk1

2 (tied) - JAM Gaming

MontyConnor, Bango, Express | + 1

JAM move up to equal 2nd this week after winning the ESL Go4RL Monthly Finals. They didn't have a fantastic final week in Throwdown though losing their last 3 matches overall after going 4-0 to start the league (although the 2-3 vs Corvidae counted as a win due to age restrictions). The Throwdown finals is the only final they will get to compete in over the 3 major leagues so will be looking to take the most of the opportunity for a possible RLCS spot. JAM take 2nd seed into the finals and will be looking to make an impact with 3 powerful veterans of OCE RL. - Tibore

4 - 1More

Cyrix, Shadey, Ellusive, Zest | + 1

1More have secured a spot in the top 4 of all 3 Major Leagues for this season. They will be looking to improve on their 3rd place finish in the CG FireCuda Cup though as they couldn't find a game against Alpha Sydney and dropped to the 3rd place playoff match. They were using Zest though in place of Ellusive and the team couldn't find its groove. In beating Legacy 4-0 though they managed to least show they are still to be feared. ESL AU&NZ Champs at IEM is next up for them before Throwdown and are looking like they could make a dent in either or both of these finals. An achievement in itself though is that they have already proven themselves as the 2nd most consistent team in the region as only 1More and Alpha Sydney made all 3 League Finals; CG, ESL Champs and Throwdown. For a team that had Express leave for JAM after the first week of ESL, Cyrix has found pure gold in Shadey and Ellusive stepping into the core. - Tibore

5 - Corvidae

Siki, Daze, Plitz, SSteve | + 1

Corvidae have shown they have what it takes to play with the big boys this week. However, inconsistency in their players has plagued them through Throwdown League Play and they have not qualified for the Finals. They’ve been able to take down JAM, and SSteve gets revenge for their loss to JAM in ESL. Second place in the FireCuda Cup by taking down Legacy is a huge result and nets them with some serious prize, and we’ll soon be seeing them at the ESL ANZ Champ Finals where they can truly prove their worth. Corvidae really want to get into that top 4. - yumi_cheeseman

6 - Legacy eSports

Soma, Eren, GroovyGrape, Penor | - 2

Sooooooo…. Legacy after a ripper week unfortunately had a shocker. They will need to get some consistency up before the Offline finals at IEM for ESL AU&NZ Champs or they might suffer the same fate as they did in The FireCuda Cup finals; going 1-4 against Corvidae and 0-4 against 1More. They also lost their last two games in Throwdown to miss out on the finals. They had a spectacular week into a sub par week and can't seem to shake this inconsistency. It's becoming hard to know what to expect from the side. - Tibore

7 - Trident Esports

Dreameh, CJCJ, Julz, Madz, SToRMCLoRD | + 3

What a week for Trident. They stormed back into competition with a 2nd place in the ESL Monthly Final. They beat Legacy and a full strength Alpha Sydney along the way but lost out to JAM Gaming in the Grand Final ever so slightly missing out on those juicy “ESL Monthly champion” titles. They are a team that has proven they can compete with the top sides and deserve the jump 3 spots up the table to 7th after a few quiet weeks. They will likely need to keep competing to keep their spot though. - Tibore

8 - Scylla Esports

C.J.M, Daisu, Luis, PanzerShrek, Outlast | - 1

Scylla Esports are still settling in with their new roster. They were a series away from qualifiying for the Throwdown Regional Finals, but they’ve unfortunately been knocked out of all the leagues they were in. That being said, the addition of Outlast seems to really added a threat to their offense that they were missing, and if with strong rotation of players, they can provide a different playstyle depending on the roster they’re fielding. Scylla have some downtime where they can experiment and improve as a team, and I expect excellent results coming out from them next season if they are dedicated now. - yumi_cheeseman

9 - Masterminds

Kamii, Nerd, Requiem, Seniaz | - 1

Masterminds continue to have their struggles, however they are sticking together strong. They didn't manage many wins out of the 3 leagues they qualified for but they are sticking it out and committing to grow as a team which is good to see. The players all have skill, they just need to find that teamwork on the pitch. - Tibore

10 - SSU eSports

ObeBluee, ZeN, Noizee, Stoney, Chai | - 1

Looks like SSU eSports are making a comeback, rewarding The B Team for their efforts in recent times. They have been showing up consistently in the ESL Go4RocketLeague weekly tournaments; it’s a safe bet to have them reach the semi finals, often moving on to the final. There is a lot of potential in this side, perhaps with the addition of Stoney and his experience he will help form it into something more tangible. - n0lsk1

Teams to watch:

Nutterres: Trident Esports

Tibore: 1More

yumi_cheeseman: Corvidae at the ESL Finals

n0lsk1: Corvidae

Here's how the committee ranked the top 15:

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