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The OCE Power Rankings - 23/03 - 29/03

These Power Rankings are done by a committee of 4 people consisting of:


Former player with extensive knowledge of the OCE Scene.


Analyst & Commentator for AussieGamingTV.


Rocket League addict.


Director of Public Relations for Rocket League Oceania and budding global Twitch mod.

Weekly Round Up

On the eve of the Throwdown Rocket League OCE Championship comes another major event from ESL announcing that the AU&NZ Championship LAN Finals will be at IEM Sydney. Including the Throwdown S1 LAN there will have been three major live events before the year is halfway done. In team news there has been a change with Athletico no longer representing Dumbo’s team and will revert to their old name of Sand Castle.

Tournament Results

ESL Monthly Final

1. JAM Gaming

2. Sand Castle

3. 1More

4. Legacy eSports

ESL Go4RocketLeague

1. Alpha Sydney

2. Sand Castle

3/4. B Team

3/4. Masterminds


1. Little Wangs

2. White Cloud

3. Prismatix

4. LFT Clan


1. Rumpus Room Wizards

2. Jsys

3. Prodigy Inferno

4. Interference ESL AU&NZ Championship League Week 5

1More 3 - 0 Masterminds

Alpha Sydney 3 - 2 JAM Gaming

Corvidae 3 - 0 Scylla Esports

Legacy eSports 3 - 0 Sand Castle CyberGamer Seagate FireCuda Cup Week 4

1More 3 - 0 Masterminds

Alpha Sydney 3 - 0 Scylla Esports

Corvidae 3 - 2 Legacy eSports

Sand Castle 3 - 1 The Rejects

News from around the region:

* Athletico no longer representing their team lead by Dumbo. They will be known as Sand Castle once again.

* Aoe_emp steps down to substitute as SnarfSnarf becomes core for Sand Castle.

* ENiGMA leaves Legacy eSports to join Alpha Sydney as substitute. * Magnitude disbands.

* Triggsy joins Cl4rity as core.


1 - Alpha Sydney

Drippay, Torsos, Jake, yumi_cheeseman, ENiGMA | Nil movement