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The OCE Power Rankings - 16/03 - 22/03

These Power Rankings are done by a committee of 4 people consisting of:


Former player with extensive knowledge of the OCE Scene.


Analyst & Commentator for AussieGamingTV.


Rocket League addict.


Director of Public Relations for Rocket League Oceania and budding Twitch global mod.

Weekly Round Up

The halfway mark has been passed for the ESL AU&NZ Championship league and it has produced some contrasting results compared to the FireCuda Cup, with 1More on opposite sides of the ladders. However there’s still a long way to go and anything can happen in the remaining weeks. There is a whopping 99 teams teams signed up for the Throwdown Rocket League OCE Championship with one day left to register for Oceania’s qualification path to RLCS. The deadline is tomorrow night at 11:59pm AEDT so make sure you don’t miss out. Time for the bad news unfortunately as HYPE have run their final tournament for OCE. Many thanks to all of the staff who dedicated their time to bringing our region an awesome tournament for so long.

Tournament Results


1. Trident Esports

2. (yumi_cheeseman, Torsos, Wolfeeyyy)

3/4. Athletico

3/4. JAM Gaming

ESL Go4RocketLeague

1. JAM Gaming

2. Trident Esports

3/4. Scylla Esports

3/4. Legacy eSports


1. 1More

2. B Team

3. (Slurpee, Freak, Triggsy)

4. The Rejects


1. Rumpus Room Wizards

2. Redhot Carrots

3. Let’s See What Happens

4. Pingas ESL AU&NZ Championship League Week 4

1More 3 - 1 Scylla Esports

Alpha Sydney 3 - 2 Athletico

Corvidae 3 - 0 Legacy Esports

JAM Gaming 3 - 1 Masterminds CyberGamer Seagate FireCuda Cup Week 3

Alpha Sydney 3 - 0 Athletico

Corvidae 3 - 0 The Rejects

Legacy eSports 3 - 1 1More

Masterminds 3 - 0 Scylla Esports

News from around the region:

* HYPE will no longer be running tournaments in OCE.

* Kia joins Athletico as a substitute.

* Chai joins B Team as a substitute.

* Snares moves to core on The Tendencies as Locky moves to substitute.


1 - Alpha Sydney