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RLO's Huge March Update


  • Rocket League Oceania and AussieGamingTV mutually part ways.

  • RLO building it’s own broadcast team for Sunday's Weekly 3v3 events, as well as other community tournaments.

  • Brand new rank and rating system added to the Sunday 3v3 tournament + New tournament schedule.

  • RLO website changes.

  • RLO pauses production of the RLO Weekly Report.

  • RLO hoodies on for sale again!

  • RLO future projects; The RLO Discord, a “Getting Started” Program and the RLO anniversary Jersey.

Over the past couple of months Rocket League Oceania has been preparing a number of changes to its content and community structure. Some changes are for the better of the community in aims to bring more fun back into the competitive space, and some are changes that were made in order to push forward.

Rocket League Oceania and AussieGamingTV mutually part ways

As of several days ago Rocket League Oceania and Aussie Gaming TV have mutually agreed to part ways in regards to broadcasting. We understand both organisations are heading in different directions, thus leading to difficulties in providing for one another. Aussie Gaming TV still remain good friends of RLO, however they will no longer be providing broadcasts for RLO events. The relationship between RLO and AGTV has always, and will still remain very strong. We thank them for everything they’ve done for us, and wish them the best for the future.

RLO building it’s own broadcast team

Moving forward from this, Rocket League Oceania will be building and supervising its own broadcast team which will be very community driven. Rocket League Oceania will be adopting the OCE Rocket League program, refining its structure, team and assets for better broadcasting across all community tournaments, as well as providing casting opportunities and feedback for not only experienced casters, but also new and developing casters. The OCE Rocket League Twitch channel will remain the main channel for community tournament broadcasts, and the Rocket League Oceania twitch channel will initially broadcast the Sunday 3v3 Weekly events

. Moving forward, we will also be looking to broadcast selected events on the Rocket League Oceania Twitch channel. The broadcast team will initially be lead by Dover who will heavily supervise the program and the members within it, for it’s first few months. Additionally, Byza will be coming on to help build the team, as well as manage the team’s roster and availability. The main goals for the program will be to build a casting team through thorough feedback for everyone in the team, no matter their level of experience.

Following this, Rocket League Oceania now extends an expression of interest for any new or experienced casters who wish to put their hand up to join the initial casting team. All the help would be appreciated!

Brand new rank and rating system added to the Sunday 3v3 tournament.

The above changes in regards to broadcasting, were initially put in motion for a major change to the weekly 3v3 tournament that the RLO event management team has been developing for over 2 months. These changes are aimed at returning fun, enjoyment and satisfaction to playing in tournaments regardless of what your skill level is. The major change is the addition of a clear and transparent rating system that correlates with the three divisions featured in the tournament. No longer will teams just simply play in a tournament just to be knocked out, and have to start all over again the following week. Through this new system, teams will be able to continuously track their progress week by week through the 3v3 tournaments, being given a rating and their position in each division. They will be given new goals to reach through playing in the weekly tournament, striving for promotion, as well as a more extensions to the tournament we’ll be developing past the initial launch of this system. Alongside the addition of the above rating and division system, we’ll be rescheduling the 3v3 tournament in order to return broadcasting to lower divisions.We understand the lower divisions have been asking for broadcasting for a very long time, so we’re more than happy to be delivering on the request. The 3v3 tournament schedule will be as follows:

With this schedule, we’re able to provide casting for lower divisions, as well as not extending the tournament for too long. We hope to launch these new changes within the next two weeks.Additionally we will also be replacing best of 3 series with best of 5 and 7 series in the appropriate playoff rounds in certain divisions.

RLO website changes

With these new changes mentioned above, we’ve also made improvements to our website. A number of the website changes cater to the system mentioned above, though here’s the notable website updates in the past few weeks:

  • Listed weekly events in a dropdown menu within the header.

  • Listed Leagues and Majors in the dropdown menu within the header.

  • Listed LFT/M and Scrim Schedule services in the “community services” drop down menu.

  • Listed the Power Rankings and News pages in the “News” drop down menu.

  • Reserved space for community event and content promotion.

  • Listed the power rankings on the front page.

  • Added a 3v3 weekly tournament page to find standings, previous winners, broadcasts, and previous winners

  • Made various preparations for the launch of the 3v3 ranking system.

  • Removed “Weekly Report” button from the header.

  • Added “Weekly 3v3’s button to the header.

  • Added disclaimer and link to the official Rocket League page to the footer.

RLO pauses production of the RLO Weekly Report

In addition to these new changes, there is an unfortunate note to add; Rocket League Oceania will be pausing production on the RLO weekly report. The workload on the lead writer Unbound, has reached the point where it’s starting to effect his university and work life, thus he will be stepping down. Below is a short statement from Unbound.

“Hey guys! It's sad to say, but I'm going to have to step away from writing the report for a while. I know the project was enjoyed and read by many over the last couple of months that I've been writing it, and I'm glad I was able to provide something to the OCE Rocket League community that gave us structure and enjoyment in any regard. However, life does call - as some of you may know, I'm studying at university and running my own game studio 5 days a week, which leaves very little time to be able to write the report as well as enjoy Rocket League in any way. It's been a good solid amount of months, and hopefully once I'm able to sort myself out time-wise a little more, I'll be able to pick the report back up with the team and continue doing my part to our community. I'll still be helping out around RLO in whatever way necessary, but I'm not going to be writing for them for a while. Thanks to everyone who read it, it was a fun time & a hell of a learning experience, hopefully it can continue to be sometime in the future.”

We thank Unbound and the rest of the report team, for everything they've done during their time, working on the report. We wish them the best for the future and will always open in welcoming them back to the team.

RLO hoodies back on sale!

We were hoping to have the State of Origin Jerseys ready for pre-order before running another pre-order round, however the jerseys seem to be unfortunately delayed for another week or so. With so many of you asking where and how to get the hoodies, we're happy to be doing another round of orders. See the hoodie below

We'll be doing another round of orders for hoodies until the 15th of March. Hoodies will be available for $65.00 AUD, with the option of a zip for an extra $2.00 AUD. To order a hoodie, go here.

RLO future projects

Moving forward, we believe it’s important to note a few other minor projects that we will be working on following the major changes to the Sunday 3v3 event.

  • RLO will be reassessing the discord, and its channels as we understand there is a large amount.

  • RLO will be working to add a “getting started” section in both our discord and website, for new players to competitive environments.

  • RLO will be producing the ‘Rocket League Oceania Anniversary Jersey’ featuring a list of all the division A winners and rosters from week 1 all the way up until week 40. The jersey will be produced for pre-order sales for whoever wishes to purchase one.

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