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The OCE Power Rankings - 13/02/17 - 19/02/17

These Power Rankings are done by a committee of 4 people consisting of:

Former player, with extensive knowledge of the OCE Scene.

Analyst & Commentator for AussieGamingTV.

Rocket League addict.

Director of Public Relations for Rocket League Oceania and budding global Twitch mod.

Weekly Round Up

It’s the week before the biggest tournament in the region to date and there’s shuffling afoot! Not just with teams but with power rankings as well. Unsure if it’s nerves leading up to Throwdown or if it’s just a drop in form, either way things are currently very lively in Oceania. Athletico return by picking up Sand Castle, as well as Scylla Esports making an entrance picking up ex-Team Reticent. With the RLCS Season 3 qualifying event, the Oceanic Series, on the horizon it’s up to players and teams to start settling into their rosters if they want to have an effective tournament.

Tournament Results

1. JAM Gaming

2. Legacy eSports

3. Team Reticent 4. Sand Castle HYPE 3v3

1. SSU eSports

2. (xkorez, CJCJ, Madz)

3/4. Scylla Esports

3/4. Sand Castle ESL Go4RocketLeague

1. 1More

2. Sand Castle

3/4. Scylla Esports

3/4. Alpha Sydney ESL AU&NZ Open Qualifier 1

1. Alpha Sydney

2. Corvidae

3. (Addzey, ORION, Greeny)

4. Trident Esports

1. Scylla Esports

2. White Cloud

3/4. 2KF1 Gaming

3/4. Quality Bants

1. LF Snack Box

2. Prodigy Inferno

3/4. SubZero

3/4. Enceladus

News from around the region:

* Athletico pick up Sand Castle. * Scylla Esports pick up ex-Team Reticent/Gratuito.

* SSU eSports disband.

* Masterminds change 2 core members. Roster is now: Seniaz, Toxic95, Kamii and Nerd.

* Trident Esports pick up CJCJ.


1 - JAM Gaming

SnarfSnarf, Bango, MontyConnor | Nil movement

Snarf and Co sit at the top of the Power Rankings more consistently than any other team at the moment. JAM seem to have made a great choice in picking up this roster and boy are they proving themselves. Having an undefeated week they are able to calmly approach the number one spot and sit in its glorious throne yet again. The key for JAM now is to make it through into the Firecuda Cup and they’ll be in with a great chance of taking home both CG and ESL for the return season. - Nutterres

2 - Athletico

Dumbo, Aoe_emp, Lukorice | + 1

The newly picked up Athletico squad (former Sand Castle) hit their highest point on the Power Rankings thus far. Stomping their way up to the second spot, taking their place from the ESL Invitational Qualifier and making their way into the AU&NZ Championships, these boys will be on a high and pushing to make it even higher. Having convincing wins against Alpha Sydney and a close loss to 1More has set them up for this spot. Needless to say they must keep improving to stick it at the top. - Nutterres

3 - 1More

Express, Cyrix, Stoney | + 1

Consistency is paying off for the 1More side as they slowly climb the power rankings ladder. Taking down both Alpha Sydney and Athletico (ex-Sand Castle) not just in the same week but the same tournament in the ESL Go4RocketLeague weekly. With Throwdown coming up next week that’s the exact kind of performance they’ll be looking to produce alongside their LAN experience to come out the victors. - n0lsk1

4 - Alpha Sydney

Torsos, Jake the Tyrant, Drippay | - 2

The roughest week for as long as I can remember; Alpha Sydney dropping two spots from their comfortable second place. The big event of Throwdown could be serving as a reminder of their recent major LAN event at PAX, potentially affecting their nerves. Despite losing to Sand Castle and 1More in the same week, they did manage to reaffirm their resolve by qualifying for the ESL AU&NZ Championship on Sunday. It’s doubtful it will long before they get back to the form that had them challenging for the top spot on the power rankings. - n0lsk1

5 - Legacy eSports

Soma, Eren, GroovyGrape, Penor, ENiGMA | Nil movement

Legacy is looking stronger every week. After failing to qualify for Throwdown LAN they bounced straight back by qualifying strongly through the ESL AU&NZ League Invite Qualifiers as top seed. They had a hiccup in the ESL Go4RL though losing to Scylla in the 3rd round 2-3. Legacy are on their way back though and I feel it's only a matter of time until they are back to their top form. - Tibore

6 - Corvidae

Siki, Daze, Plitz, SSteve | + 1

Corvidae are a lot like Legacy right now, building their form back up to where they were at last year. They qualified for the ESL AU&NZ League through the first open qualifier utilising their sub SSteve. Hopefully this team can also start putting in the performances to keep contesting with the top teams. - Tibore

7 - SSU eSports

Shadey, Ellusive, Zest | - 1

SSU finish their run as a team sitting in a nice 7th spot. We’ve already seen Shadey team up with 1More and begin playing with them, whilst it seems like Ellusive and Zest will be taking some time off. Would be great to see these boys back as a team at some point in time but I wish them the best of luck on their ventures. - Nutterres

8 - Trident Esports

ObeBluee, Dreameh, CJCJ, Julz | Nil movement

Having played relatively average over the past week, along with picking up CJCJ during the ESL Championships qualifier, they will be looking for a clean slate into this week and aim to get some strong results. I’d expect to see these boys in the second qualifier in the aim of making the top 2, but should have some strong competition up against them. Assuming they have strong performances I’d expect the top eight to soon be consisting of those who made the ESL Champs. - Nutterres

9 - Scylla Esports

C.J.M, Daisu, Luis | + 1

Scylla eSports are essentially a fresh team, but a strong one at that. Barely a week ago these boys were playing under the name Reticent, moving away from that banner to become Gratuito, then losing PanzerShrek, picking up Daisu and Luis and keeping hold of their ESL AU&NZ Championship spot under Scylla. These boys will have a lot to prove against the rest of the top teams as they are an almost unrecognizable squad from what we’ve seen previously. - Nutterres

10 - Magnitude

SamDaHam, MrShoeShoe, EyeDeeKay | + 2

Magnitude find their way back into the top 10. They didn't play too much this week only choosing to play the ESL AU&NZ Invite Qualifier. They didn't manage to qualify but they did knock out 1More which is strong work in a stacked tournament. They have made a roster change from SeriousSam to EyeDeeKay and only time and results will tell if this is a positive move or not. - Tibore

Teams to watch:

Nutterres: Scylla Esports

Tibore: Scylla Esports

yumi_cheeseman: Trident Esports

n0lsk1: Feint

Here's how the committee ranked the top 15:

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