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State of Origin Premiership Series, Group Stage Schedule and Info

The State of Origin Premiership Series, kicks off this Saturday, the 4th of February at 1PM AEDT. Here's a little outline of the first match day's schedule and info.

Where to watch

Catch the entire broadcast on


Group A

- Game 1 - 1:00PM AEDT - New South Wales vs Queensland - Game 2 - 1:45PM AEDT - New South Wales vs Victoria

- Game 3 - 2:30PM AEDT - Queensland vs Victoria

Group B

- Game 1 - 3:15PM AEDT - New Zealand vs South Australia - Game 2 - 4:00PM AEDT - New Zealand vs Western Australia

- Game 3 - 4:45PM AEDT - South Australia vs Western Australia

Want to follow along with the bracket? Keep up with the scores from every game on the official Smash GG Page:

Team Colours

Throughout the entire series, the teams will be playing on fields with custom colours to represent themselves. The Custom colours are:

New South Wales - Cyan and Navy

Victoria - Blue and Light Grey

Queensland - Maroon and Gold

South Australia - Red and Blue

New Zealand - Dark Purple and Black

Western Australia - Yellow and Black

There will be minor giveaways throughout the entire competition, just for supporting your home team, so keep on eye out on all our social media platforms.

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