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The State of Origin Premiership Series Captains and further information.

The State of Origin Premiership Series has now entered the drafting phase with the captains from each representative team. The captains are:

New South Wales - SOMA | Legacy eSports

Victoria - AOE_Emp | Sand Castle

Western Australia - Dumbo | Sand Castle

New Zealand - Addzey | 1more

Queensland - Snarfsnarf | Athletico

South Australia - Express | 1more

From here each captains will soon choose 2 core members, and later on, 3 additional substitutes. Alongside the new captains, the rules and regulations have been released. Voting for captaincy is obviously closed, however it is not too late to register. Player registration will close on the 28th of January when the final members of each teams are chosen. To register, see the rules, or find out more about the State of Origin Premiership Series, head over to the Official State of Origin Premiership Series Page.

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