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The OCE Power Rankings - 12/12/16 - 19/12/16

These Power Rankings are done by a committee of 4 people consisting of:

Nutterres Former pro Meme, with knowledge of the Dank OCE Scene.

Tibore Analyst & Commentator for AussieGamingTV.

Yumi_cheeseman Rocket League addict. n0lsk1 Director of Public Relations for Rocket League Oceania and budding global Twitch mod.

Weekly Round Up

With tournament organisers and players taking a break as the year comes to an end there has been a lot of movement in the top 10. The biggest movers are Masterminds and Corvidae with the former three up and the latter three down. Legacy Esports won’t feature this week as their hiatus has spanned near four weeks and the committee thought it best to remove them temporarily. Once they return from their well earned break they will be ranked accordingly. This will be the last OCE power rankings for the year, so on behalf of the team we’d like to wish you a safe and happy holidays!

Tournament Results

1. Alpha Sydney

2. Masterminds

3/4. SnarfSnarf, Toxic95, Zepsy

3/4. Azora, Chicken, Hughesy

1. Alpha Sydney

2. Team Reticent

3. Corvidae

4. Impala, d0k, ellusive

1. Team Infinite Gold

2. Synergy

3/4. 2KF1 Gaming

3/4. Prodigy Inferno

1. Alpha Sydney

2. Abyss ESC

3/4. Masterminds 3/4. SubZero ESC

News from around the region:

* The old team of FuroX have now found new representation under SubZero ESC

* OCE tournaments will return as early as the 8th of January


1 - Alpha Sydney Jake the Tyrant, Drippay, Torsos | + 2

Alpha Sydney have smashed it, finally sitting pretty at the top of the power rankings after two stunning weeks. They won every tournament this week, with multiple wins over Abyss, paired with a win over Athletico, these boys will now have the ESL Monthly Champion title, and will be unassailable reigning champions over the Christmas break. Possibly one of the best Christmas presents these boys could ask for at the moment (other than Hello Kitty Island Adventure), we hope to see them back next year staying strong and hopefully pulling out top notch performances to keep their new #1 position. - Nutterres

2 - Abyss ESC Express, Addzey, Cyrix, Stoney | - 1

The formidable team of Abyss still showing their strengths but not enough unfortunately to stave off the might of Alpha Sydney. It’s been more than 3 weeks since Abyss have beaten them as they are steadily turning from rivals into major thorn in their side. They’ll have to figure out a strategy to take them out in the new year because right now Alpha Sydney literally and figuratively have their number. - n0lsk1

3 - Athletico SnarfSnarf, Bango, MontyConnor | - 1

Athletico didn't play this week, moving into the off season taking a bit of a break from competition like the other top sides besides Alpha Sydney. I look forward to seeing them next year as a consistent scary side to play. - Tibore

4 - Sand Castle Dumbo, aoe_emp, Lukorice | + 1

Beating out SubZero into the 4th spot, Sand Castle will cement their position in the power rankings into the New Year. Having only played the odd tournament this week, and with a surprising loss to SubZero, the only reason they hold a position this high will be due to their known potential and firepower, which I want to see come out in full force at the start of next year. We all know the strengths of these players individually but they need to keep performing well and working as a team to stick it here. - Nutterres

5 - SubZero ESC 0veerbluee, Dreameh, Julz, Smiths | + 1

New name, new team member, same position on the rankings. With Legacy’s extended vacation the number 5 slot has opened up and SubZero has been there to fill the void. The old Furox had so many roster changes that it looked hard for them to find consistent improvement. Rumour is that 0veerbluee and Dreameh are holding out for now to find their perfect third so they can start working hard and show up big in 2017. - Tibore

6 - Team Reticent CJM, ZeN, PanzerShrek, Arcus | + 2

With two teams above them moving down or out of the power rankings, Reticent have made a quick climb this week. That being said, they should feel like they are simply holding their position at the moment. Their results this week were quite solid, with notable victories against Infinity and Corvidae in RLO, and their two losses coming from the in form Alpha Sydney. Reticent should hopefully relish the next couple of weeks holiday as time for them to keep practicing hard and make a huge impact in the new year. - yumi_cheeseman

7 - Masterminds Fachy, Kia, Seniaz | + 3

After steadily declining in rank over the past weeks Masterminds have produced a massive jump climbing straight to seventh from tenth. It’s been a struggle in recent weeks however they made it to runners up of this weeks ESL Go4RocketLeague and third in the ESL Monthly finals. It is expected that some roster changes are inbound over the holiday break, hopefully upon their return they can maintain their efforts. - n0lsk1

8 - Magnitude SamDaHam, MrShoeShoe, SeriousSam, EyeDeeKay | + 1

Magnitude were oh so close this week. In the ESL monthly finals they took it to game 5 against both SubZero and Abyss, great results for the up and coming team, but they will need to start clinching the matches out. The team appears to have quite a lot of potential, and it’ll be exciting to see what they can do once the tournaments start firing up again in January.

- yumi_cheeseman

9 - Corvidae Siki, Daze, Plitz, Ssteve | - 3

In what is their lowest position in recent history, Corvidae now sit 9th on the power rankings. Whilst they’ve been having a bit of down-time and only playing in the odd tournament, we know they have good potential to jump back up, but will need to start the year with an absolute stunner to let us know. With a few disappointing performances of recent times they were quite lucky to remain in the top 10, but just like Sand Castle are a very potent team. Best of luck to them after this Christmas break. - Nutterres

10 - Infinity Slurpee, Hectic, Lulz, Fake, Rasmus, Freak | + 1

Infinity sneak their way into the top 10 due to Legacy’s leave of absence. This side is capable of big things. They had a break recently but have come back strong in the weeks since their return. A quality side of familiar names in the One region, the question will be if they can make themselves stronger moving into 2017. - Tibore

Teams to watch:

Nutterres: Masterminds

Tibore: Masterminds

yumi_cheeseman: Infinite Gold

n0lsk1: Magnitude

Here's how the committee ranked the top 10:

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