The RL Oceania Player Code of Conduct

RL Oceania has a mission to aid, grow and maintain the Oceanic Rocket League Community by any means necessary. In pursuing its goals, RL Oceania serves the interests of those within the community. The following code of conduct aims to ensure that players uphold the values which help maintain the integrity of this community. The following code applies individuals who participate in any RL Oceania Competition, past or present, or becomes a member of the RL Oceania Discord.


During Competition:


  1. Players are expected to uphold reasonable and respectful behaviour at all times during RLO competitions.

  2. Any form of abuse, violence or unfriendly antagonising is prohibited during any RLO competitions.

  3. Players are to be clearly identifiable at all times during competition. Playing under a false or unidentifiable alias is prohibited.

  4. Entering into any match or game server that players are not assigned to is forbidden.

  5. Only official broadcasters and RLO staff are permitted to spectate competition matches. Substitutes and coaches are not permitted to spectate.

  6. Players are to follow all instructions given by an RLO staff member, official or volunteer. This does not apply if the instruction is deemed unreasonable.

  7. Players must be honesty when presenting information requested by another player or RLO staff member. This includes, but is not restricted to, match scores, replay files and screenshots.

  8. All forms of cheating and exploitation of the game is strictly prohibited during competition.

In and Out of competition.


  1. Players are expected to conduct themselves in a reasonable and respectful manner when interacting with the community.

  2. Players are expected to address other community members with honesty and respect.

  3. Any form of abuse, violence or unfriendly antagonising is strictly prohibited at all times.

  4. Any form of spam or unreasonable publication of material in any public forum, owned or observed by RLO, is strictly prohibited.

  5. When issued with a reasonable request to stop any action by another community member, players are expected to stop performing said actions.

  6. The publication of any personal information or documents surrounding another community member, without written consent, is strictly prohibited.

  7. Any form of threat towards a community member, group, or organisation is prohibited.

  8. Any form of identity fraud (representing an individual besides yourself) is strictly prohibited.

  9. The publication or sharing of inappropriate media and material is strictly prohibited.



If an individual is to breach the code, they are subject to consequences deemed necessary by RL Oceania. Consequences must be agreed upon by a minimum of two RL Oceania Staff members. Punishments include, but are not limited to:

  • Temporary bans from tournaments and community social forums.

  • Permanent Bans from tournaments and community social forums.

  • Restriction of actions within public forums.