The following outlines the rules and protocols surrounding The Gauntlet and The Glove. Alongside this, players and teams competing in The Gauntlet are required to abide by the RL Oceania Player Code of Conduct.

Any behaviour that breaches the following rules and regulations is punishable by, but not restricted to:

  • Match disqualification.

  • Penalisation of Gauntlet position.

  • Removal from the tournament.

  • Temporary or permanent suspension from all  RL Oceania events. 

  • Temporary or permanent suspension from all  RL Oceania social forums and platforms


Game - A single 5 minute period of gameplay.

Series - A set of either 5 or 7 games where the winner is determined by the team that achieves the majority of game wins.

Match Server - A server in which hosts the current private match for each tournament match.

Player - An individual competing in the tournament.

Bracket - The tournament progression for teams.

Gauntlet Admin (Administration) - An individual who is arranging and supervising the current event.

Tournament - The competitive period of events between event start and event finish.

Grand Final - The final match in the tournament.

RL Oceania - The organisation in which an event is sanctioned under.
Gauntlet Stage -  A stage within the Gauntlet tournament series, corresponding to either; The Gauntlet, The Glove or the RLO 3v3.

Roster Regulations

  1. When a new team is inserted into the Glove, the roster in which they qualified with, will represent their roster in The Glove. The newly qualified team must state their core (3 player) roster to a Gauntlet Organiser.

  2. Following qualification, the team may state an additional player to be listed as their substitute if not already listed in the RLO 3v3 registered roster.

  3. Teams are permitted to make one roster move throughout the eight week period without penalty. Any additional roster moves will be met with a two place penalty.

Tournament Protocol

  1. To begin playing in The Glove or The Gauntlet tournament, players must have either been invited through participating in League Play, or qualified from the RLO Saturday 3v3 tournament. 

  2. All teams that have qualified for The Glove or The Gauntlet will be required to be in The Gauntlet Discord server, where all information regarding matches and brackets will be posted. Please make sure you are in this Discord server, and if you aren’t, please ask a Gauntlet Admin to invite you.

  3. All teams must follow the Match Protocol found below until they have either been eliminated from the week of competition or have completed the gauntlet.

  4. Teams who forfeit two weeks in a row will be removed from the Gauntlet standings and will have to requalify via the RLO 3v3 events if they wish to return to the Glove.

  5. The Gauntlet tournament series will be run for a period of 8 weeks, concluding on the 5th of December.

  • A bye week will occur when any International Tournaments require the absence of two or more teams in the Gauntlet. Teams will have 1 week to return to the Gauntlet after their international event to secure their Gauntlet spot, if not penalties may apply.

Match Protocol

  1. At the commencement of a Gauntlet Stage, details for the corresponding match will be communicated by a Gauntlet Admin to the participating teams. All teams involved must join lobbies as soon as they can, but ensuring they do not join teams until the Gauntlet Admin instructs them too.

  2. Once the current match has been completed, the Gauntlet Admin will inform the advancing participants the following match details, whilst the losing team will be finished participating for the week.

  3. Once both teams have entered the match server, an organiser will inform the players when the broadcasting team is ready for the match to commence. The teams must then join their respective teams to begin the match.

Match Server Configuration

A Gauntlet Admin will configure the Match Server with the following:

Game Mode:  ‘Soccar’

Team Size: 3v3

Bot Difficulty: No Bots

Region: Oceania

No mutators are to be set.

Team names will be set to represent both teams in the given match.


The Arena will be set to the following for each corresponding stage of The Gauntlet.
- The Glove: Manfield (Day)

- The Gauntlet: DFH Stadium (Day)

Each match will be played as a best of 5 games, excluding The Gauntlet Grand Final which will be a best of 7.


  1. Players who are not registered as a player or substitute, are not permitted to play in any tournament matches.

  2. If a player suffers any form of network or technical difficulties during a match, their team may take up to a 5 minute pause period following the game in the current series, to either have their player resolve the difficulties, or replace said player by any registered member of the team.

    • If a player fell subject to technical difficulties within the first minute of the game and no goals were scored, the game is to be restated. If this is not the case, the match will continue with the affected team suffering a loss in the affected game.

    • If the team fails to resolve the issue within the 5 minute period, they will be disqualified from the following game. Then, the team has another 5 minute period where they can attempt to fix the issue. If the issue cannot be fixed in this 5 minute period, the team will be disqualified from the series.

  3. Only official broadcasters and Gauntlet staff are permitted to spectate competition matches. Substitutes and coaches are not permitted to spectate competition matches at any point in time.

Tournament Format

  1. Unless announced prior to the start of the tournament, the normal format for The Gauntlet or The Glove is a single elimination gauntlet bracket.

    • The bracket will be seeded to have teams from the previous week be placed where they finished the previous week.

    • The team which finishes last in the Gauntlet, will be demoted to The Glove. The team which finishes last in The Glove, will be demoted to the RLO 3v3 where they must re-qualify by winning the RLO 3v3. (Detailed as seen below)

    • All matches in The Glove are bo5.

    • Round 1 to the Semi Final in The Gauntlet are bo5.

    • The Final in The Gauntlet is a bo7.

Demotion and Promotion

  1. A team will qualify each week from the RLO 3v3, will be given the 9th seed in The Glove.

  2. A team will qualify each week from The Glove after finishing in 1st place, and will be given the 5th seed in The Gauntlet.

  3. Teams who finish 9th (The Glove) or 5th (The Gauntlet) will be demoted from the corresponding phase of which they were participating.

  4. Teams who are eliminated from The Glove, must re-qualify in RLO 3v3. They will be auto-progressed to the Playoffs of the RLO tournament.

  5. During each season, a roster is allowed a maximum of 1 roster change. If this limit is exceeded, the team is penalised 2 seeding positions from that week of change.

Week by week schedule

RLO 3v3: Saturday afternoons, 5:00pm AEDT

The Glove: Tuesdays, 6:30pm AEDT

The Gauntlet: Thursdays, 6:30pm AEDT


If any players find another team’s or player’s behaviour suspicious or outside of the rules and protocols, it is the player's responsibility to report any issues that Gauntlet Organiser’s may not be aware of. Screenshots and saved replays a recommended for providing evidence of any illegal behaviour with the event.