The RL Oceania Competition Rules and Regulations

Updated rules regarding Rocket League Oceania Tournaments.


  1. Sign-ups for all tournaments end 10 minutes before the start of the tournament. No signups will be accepted after this time.

  2. Teams must check into each match 5 minutes after their next game has been called by an event manager. If a team fails to check in within this time period, they will be disqualified from the respective match.

  3. Any queries with regards to player eligibility or requests for dispensation must be directed to RLO Staff, and all decisions are at the discretion of the event managers.

  4. Match Criteria:

    1. Matches are to be played on the following stadiums only:

      1. DFH Stadium

      2. DFH Stadium (Stormy)

      3. Beckwith Park

      4. Beckwith Park (Stormy)

      5. Beckwith Park (Midnight)

      6. Mannfield

      7. Mannfield (Night)

      8. Mannfield (Stormy)

      9. Urban Central

      10. Urban Central (Night)

      11. Urban Central (Dawn)

      12. Utopia Coliseum

      13. Utopia Coliseum (Dusk)

      14. Neo Tokyo

      15. Champions Field

      16. AquaDome

    2. All matches are to be played on the ‘Soccar’ game mode.

    3. All Matches are to be played on the Oceanic Region.

    4. All Matches are to be played with no bots.

    5. All matches are to be played with no mutators.

    6. All matches are to be made joinable through username and password, given by SmashGG.



Tournament Play Rules:


  1. In every match, the Orange team must create the match with the details provided by SmashGG. We ask that teams communicate in the SmashGG private chat for their game so RLO Staff are able to review match information if required. This also allows us to notify you if your game is being broadcasted.

  2. If any member of your team is not registered as a player on SmashGG, you must notify the RLO Staff prior to the tournament starting. If you do not notify the RLO Staff prior to the tournament starting, any game that player has competed in will be forfeit and the win will go to the opposing team.

  3. If a player disconnects during a match, they are allowed to be replaced by any named member of your team on Battlefy, or a substitute who must be previously approved by RLO to compete for your team. The game will not be restarted or stopped for any reason, other than an outside interference (Hacker, casters joins team, team joins early, etc), or at the request of the Tournament Manager / RLO Staff.

  4. Screenshots do not need to be taken for each match, however if an agreement is not reached on the result of a game, staff can not confirm unless they were in the game at the time. Screenshots can be uploaded to Battlefy on the game page, and will help to guarantee a fair tournament for all.

  5. If anything suspicious happens during your game, any interference occurs, or a team is unsure if their opposition is breaking the rules, they may save the replay of the match, and it will be looked over when the Tournament Manager or RLO Staff have an opportunity. Any decisions made by such person will be deemed final, and no dispute can be made after this decision.

  6. At least 1 representative from each team must be present in the RLO Discord Server.

  7. Only official broadcasters and RLO staff are permitted to spectate competition matches. Substitutes and coaches are not permitted to spectate at any point in time.

  8. All players participating in an RLO organised tournament are to be registered, including substitutes if necessary. Changes can be made to the registered team between closing of registration and commencement of seeding at the tournament organiser's discretion. No changes will be made to the registered team once seeding is completed and the tournament has begun.

  9. Tournament officials are not responsible for network latency and disconnects, or controller disconnects. If a player is affected by these items, the gam they are currently playing is not to be paused or restarted without the approval of tournament officials and the team’s opponents. However, after the game is completed, the team can request to a pause in the match series to solve these issues. The affected team will have 5 minutes to solve the issue.

  10. If necessary, both matches are to be played in the grand final of a double elimination bracket. The successors from the winners bracket are not to be given a 1 game advantage in match 1.


By registering yourself for RLO tournaments, you agree to abide by the RLO player code of conduct, found here.

Any decision made by a member of RLO Staff is final, however it may be disputed by the affected team within 24 hours of the decision being made. To file a dispute, the Team Captain must send an email to with the Subject Title: (Team Name) Dispute [Date]. RLO Staff will endeavour to get to each dispute within the first 12 hours of it being sent, however a lot of decisions will take time, and meetings may need to occur during the week. A decision will always be made prior to the next week's tournament beginning.


"RLO Staff" in this document refers to "RLO | Dover", "RLO | Jibbles" & “RLO | n0lsk1 who can be found in the RLO Discord Server.


"Home Team" in this document refers to the team who, in the SmashGG Bracket, is in the top section of their match, and when in the game page, is noted on the left side of the matchup.


"Tourney Manager" in this document refers to any person in the RLO Discord who has the rank of "Tourney Manager", this does not give them the same power as the RLO Staff.


Any questions about this document may be referred to the RLO Staff, and as such will be dealt with accordingly.